How AI Is Transforming Creative Workflows: Our Journey Building An Integrated Ideation Assistant

At Hunt, Gather, we're always on the quest for innovative ways to optimize and elevate our creative process through the magic of technology. In our most recent endeavor, we harnessed the power of generative AI to revolutionize workflow efficiencies in a project for our esteemed long-term partner, Chipotle. Our mission was to create an all-encompassing "Ideation Assistant" capable of supercharging the ideation, feedback, and asset creation processes.

Our journey began with the training of a series of AI models on Chipotle's visual branding and their past campaign imagery featuring Elton, the Halloween skeleton mascot. Armed with these customized models, we unlocked the ability to conjure unique Elton concepts, backgrounds, and settings on demand, simply by using text prompts. Our talented illustrators could now dive into a world of designs, whether it be Elton skateboarding or channeling his inner rockstar musician, all with a few keystrokes.

But we didn't stop there; we raised the bar by constructing a RunwayML pipeline to infuse life into Elton within these AI-generated backgrounds. No longer confined to static images, we could convey motion and mood through subtle animated vignettes. Elton could creep down spiral staircases, dance across rooms, and play haunting melodies on the organ, setting the perfect spooky Halloween atmosphere.

Presenting these animated concepts to Chipotle was a game-changer, allowing for sharper and more interactive creative review cycles. Gone were the days of long written briefs or lengthy verbal explanations; we now aligned visually on an inspiring direction featuring Elton in a personality-packed haunted mansion. This visual asset served as the bedrock for our final creative work.

Our team of human illustrators could then efficiently build upon this foundational image, accelerating the timeline for final illustrated renderings while maintaining impeccable quality. The AI prototype seamlessly integrated into our creative toolkit, enhancing the entire workflow's outputs.

This project was a resounding confirmation that when wielded with care and creativity, AI can amplify and enrich human creativity instead of replacing it. Similar to how SEO informs content, generative AI can ignite creative directions while allowing teams to channel their efforts towards high-value differentiation. As we continue to refine and train these AI systems, we foresee boundless potential for even more integrated ideation assistants that redefine the landscape of creative collaboration.

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