anui is the future
of natural technology

Why we created anui.

We can all do 30% more.

By crafting AI experiences that balance utility and joy, we can free up time, space, and energy to achieve more.

Intent-based solutions free up time & energy.

With everything we build, our goal is to remove process and allow people to more seamlessly achieve what they set out to do.

Calm systems are the key to disruption.

Never underestimate how refreshing an experience can be when it's designed for a human, rather than the device in their hand.

A more natural way to engage.

Our mission.

We're a women-owned and powered team, building digital experiences that pair utility with joy to make the world a better, more pleasant place.

Our AI efforts aim to create meaningful advancements towards more natural processes for people to converse and collaborate.

We're inspired by the potential of natural technology to free us from the clutter, procedures and stress that we've come to accept as a necessary debt to be paid to our digital devices.

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